The Flagship Shows

The Brunch show

An upbeat mid-morning variety show that goes live Mondays to Fridays 9am till 11am. In the show we have crucial conversations with people from all walks of life on discussions where opinions vary and emotions run strong. We draw our listening audience deeper into the life story of someone they may or may not have heard about- someone who has seen and done amazing things as an overcomer in their choice to share their story. A key focus is to ensure local women engage in authentic and open conversations on everyday realities and to share personal stories. This show will bring you unfiltered perspectives of the issues confronting the grass root population. No topic is too tough, we address all things. You name it, we talk about it.

Hashtags: #Conversations #MeToo

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The Drive show

It’s a vibey afternoon show that goes live Mondays to Fridays 4pm till 6pm making the journey home a whole lot better. Our guest for the day will join the ride and with you having lots of opportunities to get involved and enjoy the laugh home! Catch live updates on news, traffic, travels and weather.

This show is purely for entertainment purposes with lighthearted content and a strong emphasis on listener engagement and audience interaction. A key focus is on promoting gospel music and Sierra Leone musicians with moral content and the Films and Arts Industry and offers a sensational lineup of guests discussing what drives and connects us!

Production Partnerships

The Essence Podcast

The Essence Podcast is a Christian perspective podcast where we have open conversations about various topics concerning faith, relationships, purpose, love, business, growth and life in general. The podcast has four hosts: Judah Zubairu , Johnlyna Love Zubairu Lawrence Tucker and Melinda Tucker.

We chose the name “Essence” because that is what we aim to discover during our conversations. What is the essence of the things that unite us and maybe trouble us? We aim for this podcast to promote free thinking and expression and also to educate listeners with perspectives influenced by scriptures and lessons that reflect our life experiences and how we should order our lives with intentionality and grace.

Wetin Di Bible Say

Wetin Di Bible Say is an online Bible teaching program created, owned, funded, and operated by Dan Koen. It is a non-profit service that is intended to educate Sierra Leoneans with an improved knowledge of the Bible by delivering clear and simple bible teaching in the native language of Krio. Wetin Di Bible says is not in any way associated with an outside organization or denomination. The only purpose is to grow Biblical literacy within Sierra Leone.

Dance with Nyan

Dance with Nyan aims to create a holistic approach to health and Wellness, fostering a community that caters to both physical and mental well-being. The dance sessions are high-energy, and designed to promote cardiovascular health and overall fitness. This dynamic program not only energizes participants through dance but also engages them in insightful conversations on crucial health topics.


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