Sensi Tech Innovation Hub (Sensi) is the first Hub of its kind to be established in Sierra Leone since the country gained its independence in 1961. As a registered company and CBO its main objective is to build, sustain and grow a technology driven innovation community in Sierra Leone that drives economic and social development.

Sensi fulfills the above objective by providing a level platform, innovative and stimulating community hubs, programmes, services and tech-solutions consultancy to individuals, businesses, and institutions particularly those that focus on young people under the age of 35.

In Sierra Leone young people under the age 35 account for 49% of the total country’s population. However, the unemployment rate for them has soared above 70% for the last decade, and Sensi understands exactly the long term socioeconomic effect of this. Therefore, the company is working tirelessly to address these challenges.

The main Sensi hub which is located at Aberdeen in Freetown, creates platforms that connect and bring together entrepreneurs, creatives innovators and technologies in order to help develop their ideas, access to capital and how to utilize capital, resources, services, cutting-edge modern technology, grants funding, events, mentoring, incubation and acceleration programmes, networking, training and jobs opportunities that Sensi makes available.

In addition, with a main strategic location at Aberdeen main road in Western Freetown area, the location provides easy access to key commercial businesses, NGOs/CSOs, government and public institutions.

It provides a creative and stimulating space for aspiring technologists and entrepreneurs to come together, build and launch the next generation of social impact apps and businesses for Sierra Leone and beyond.

Built on a highly collaborative and community driven model, the open space in Freetown facilitates the mentoring, skill training of generations, and exposing them to novel ideas needed to foster a more innovative technology and business community in Sierra Leone.

Sensi’s mission is to create an open community space where technology and entrepreneurship intersect, to build the next generation of innovative solutions and businesses in Sierra Leone. The success of these solutions will drive social change and create employment; that will be agents of development.

Alternatively, the Wellington based CTI-Hub in (partnership with IDYL) and Zuba boxes (in partnership with YMCA and Computer Aid) in Makeni and Pujehun provide essential digital literacy, leadership and business training for young people across the country. Sensi endeavours to work with and contribute towards these actors’ technological development in terms of service promotion and delivery, as well as support job creation especially for young people in Sierra Leone.

Sensi’s approach is to implement programmes and services complemented by bottom-up, community driven schemes that focuses on developing social and human capital, given that Sierra Leone’s economy is fragile with high level of youth unemployment, poor education and infrastructure, limited access to information about entrepreneurship, capital and skills for growth.


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