An upbeat mid-morning variety show that goes live Mondays to Saturdays 9am till 11am. In the show we have crucial conversations where opinions vary and emotions run strong with people from all walks of life and we educate the audience on a particular topic, relating topic to a real-life example, outlining how the community is involved and affected by this topic, presenting a visual short clip of research and interview to tell the story. We draw our listening audience deeper into the life story of someone they may or may not have heard about- someone who has seen and done amazing things as an overcomer in their choice to share their story.

It’s a vibey late afternoon show that goes live Mondays to Fridays 4pm till 6pm. The Drive is your home of great music and brings you the latest new tracks and a cut from the classics. Whether you’re heading home to relax or getting ready to hit the town, we’ve got you covered. This show is purely for entertainment purposes with lighthearted content with a key focus on promoting gospel music and Sierra leone musicians with moral content, the Films and Arts Industry and offers a sensational lineup of guests discussing what drives and connects us!